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New Sounds

2011-01-05 07:57:43 by J3envolio

Just put up 2 new tracks! Feel free to give them your ear.

Pointless Sound Adventure
Tunnel (Intro)

Have fun;

Pointless Noise Adventure

2010-10-19 20:37:39 by J3envolio

Well, I just finished working* on another project that I was planning** on doing. It's, again, very 8-bit and may remind you of 1000 other tracks here on Newgrounds. Regardless, you should give it a listen HERE!

Have fun;

*It wasn't really work, more like "playing-around"
**This track had literally NO planning to it what-so-ever and it's purely by chance that it was created.


Just submitted my latest track. I'm rather pleased with it and I hope you guys will be too! Go take a look and tell me what you think.


Oasis Pet

2010-05-24 10:38:47 by J3envolio

Just submitted Oasis Pet.

Go and have a listen if you want. It's just over a minute long so won't take up too much time. ^^

have fun;